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Florida Cooling Supply has become one of the largest distributors of residential air conditioning and heating products by focusing on just one thing—serving our contractors the most reliable and affordable residential and commercial cooling and heating products in the market. We've add to our equipment choice with a complete line of EcoTemp™ brand products.

The technology and craftsmanship of Ecotemp™ compare to competitors’ premium models while giving you the best value in heating and cooling. At a higher SEER air conditioners and heat pumps will make a big difference in lowering energy bills, especially since your older system may operate at half of the 13/14 SEER efficiency! Ecotemp™ Air Conditioning & Heating systems lets you enjoy peace of mind.

Our goal is to provide air conditioning and heating equipment that:

  • Provides leading product warranties.
  • Offers reliability and longer-lasting performance than competing products.
  • Creating a reliable cooling and heating as affordable as possible.

Contact your Florida Cooling Supply sales representative to learn more about how the EcoTemp™ product line can help you to stimulate your business with a competing cooling and heating brand that you can trust.

  EcoTemp Product Line


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